35 Ways to Save

An article from The Financial Post.

Excerpt: “You don’t need to dumpster dive or use your kid’s old Play-Doh to seal drafty windows just to save a few bucks. However, being thrifty requires a little effort. So to help you keep more of your cash, here are 35 ways to save:

1. Consider raising the deductible on your car/home insurance and pay a lower annual fee. (Then drive carefully.)

2. Get a rain check. If a store is out of an advertised special, ask to buy it later at the sale price.

3. Go halfsies with your co-workers on a kettle or toaster for the office and bring your own tea bags, bread, milk, etc. (But beware the office fridge thief who will cut into your savings.)

4. Skip the barber and give your kid a bowl cut. We all had them. We turned out fine.

5. Hang your clothes to dry. Or use the dryer during non-peak hours…”

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