Moran Law's tips on how to have a fun, safe Halloween while saving money!

Halloween can be a lot of fun for children and adults alike. That fun can come at a steep price- but not if you’re smart about your All Hallow’s Eve. A little extra legwork to plan your Halloween can result in the best (and least expensive) Halloween yet!

1. Avoid buying expensive costumes

Costumes that you purchase at big-box retailers or Halloween specialty stores can be a bit expensive, when you consider that you’re likely to wear it only once. You can still get a great Halloween costume together on the cheap! Instead of purchasing a costume in a bag at Halloween USA, try looking around thrift stores for components of your costumes. Thrift stores often have stocks of donated Halloween costumes, as well as plenty of clothing and accessories you can incorporate into your costume. Besides being very inexpensive, your costume will be totally unique. You won’t have to endure the embarrassment of showing up to a Halloween party only to find that you’re wearing the exact same costume as the host. You can also find components of your costumes at dollar stores, like inexpensive makeup or common costume parts, like cat ears or a witch’s hat. Get together with friends and pool your leftover costume items from Halloweens past. There will surely be something you can use in your costume this year!

2. Shop around for the best candy deals

Passing out candy can take a toll on your wallet. If you have a membership to a warehouse store, like Coscto or Sam’s Club, you’ll be able to take advantage of it to pass out a maximum amount of candy for a minimal cost. Perhaps you could even talk to neighbors and friends and plan to split the cost of a bulk candy purchase. You could even mix bags of brand-name candy with dollar store bags of suckers and tootsie rolls to get the most mileage out of your candy purchase.

3. Plan visits to haunted houses ahead of time

If you’re an avid fan of haunted houses around Halloween, keep an eye out for coupons and deals in a local newspaper. complies coupons and offerings from different haunted houses, so if you’re stuck on a particular one, you might try checking this site to see if they have any deals on admission, or try Googling the name of the Halloween attraction you wish to visit.

4. Don’t overextend Halloween!

Everybody knows that October 31 is Halloween. Everybody also knows that one night in October can extend to the entire weekend before and after, if not even longer. Halloween events happen all month long, and if you’re intent on attending every single one, it can take a toll on your wallet pretty quickly. Limit yourself to just a few Halloween events. Tell yourself you won’t celebrate until the weekend of Halloween, or limit yourself to wearing just one costume instead of buying a different outfit for each night you plan to dress up.