Oil and gas are natural resources, now consumed in record quantities even as the non-renewable supply vanishes. The U.S. is competing with developing nations such as China and India who have an unquenchable thirst for the stuff. These factors may loom far beyond our control- but we aren’t powerless. Even with the $5.00 a gallon price looming we can start using less gas in sensible ways. Here are 10 ways to spend less on gas:


1) Use grocery store gas discounts

Supermarkets are offering per-gallon discounts on a particular brand of gas as a reward for your grocery shopping loyalty. For example, the Kroger Card allows you to collect 1 fuel point for every $1 you spend on groceries, then for every 100 points you get 10¢ off a gallon.

2)Lighten Up Your Car

Try taking out any extra rows of seats in your car that you don’t use on the average day. According to some estimates, every 100 pounds of added weight in a car reduces the fuel economy by up to 2%.


If you are already paying for a membership, don’t forget to take advantage of the aggressive gas prices at wholesale clubs.

4)Use Gasbuddy.com

This website updates the cheapest prices in the past 24 hours for specific states all over the country. There are also other mobile apps available to get gas price info on the go.

5) Inflate Your Tires

It has been proven in many studies that cars with properly inflated and balanced tires get better gas mileage. (Around 3.3% according to governement stats.) Don’t forget this important maintenance step.

6)Change your Oil

This is key especially for older cars. Changing your oil as recommended will help boost your fuel economy by another 1-2% according to government stats. This may not seem like a significant amount on its own, but all of these small tricks add up.

7)Buy low-octane gasoline.

There are many reports out there showing that high-octane gas does not do much for your car in terms of gas mileage. Unless your car requires premium gas, skip it and go for the low-octane fuel.

8)Don’t Drive!

It may be hard to get around the ‘burbs without your car, but opting for public transportation, carpool, walking, or biking can be more beneficial than you think. Most of us can take advantage of the time away from the wheel to get some work done thanks to our smartphones.