Moran Law interns gain hands-on experience in the field of bankruptcy law.

Meet Michael Mariorana, one of our wonderful Moran Law interns.

Michael attended Grennell college in Iowa (Warren Buffet is an alumni of note) where he studied music composition. He plays the viola, a bit of piano, and sings.

He was attracted to the practice of law because the many different areas of practice offer potential to help people in many different ways. So far in his internship, he’s been able to learn the differences between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies and the intricacies of each. Michael says that filing bankruptcy is a lot of work with a lot of red tape to cut through, but is ultimately worth it to see the change in clients demeanor from the first time they set foot in the office.

“Even just the transformation from the beginning of a consult to the end of that first appointment is significant,” Michael said. “When I sat in on a consult, I was able to observe how Ryan Moran eased people’s minds when he informed them that we were able to discharge their debt and take care of them. At the beginning of the consult, they seemed very nervous and emotional. By the end, they are at ease.”

Michael says clients become even more at ease by their second appointment, even laughing and joking.

“It’s very rewarding to get to observe. It’s as if they’ve been carrying around a thousand pound weight when they come in for their consult. By the time they’re filed, they seem much happier. They seem relieved.”

Michael says his internship is helping him look into law as a career path. “Other internships I’ve had have been very hands-off. At Moran Law, I actually interact with clients. I help file cases,” Michael looks forward to his upcoming court date- all Moran Law interns will get a chance to accompany an attorney to court to observe the process of filing a case, representing clients during their meeting of creditors, and will sit in on a hearing to gain a full understanding of the bankruptcy process from beginning to end.

“I’m looking forward to going to court with Ryan next week,” Michael says. “I’m excited to see how courts operate.”