We are proud to welcome Kyle Tank to the Moran Law team as our newest intern! Kyle currently attends Eastern University, where he studies to be a paralegal. Prior to that, he was enrolled in a legal studies program at Grand Valley University in Grand Rapids, and worked for a debt collection agency.

“It’s interesting to experience working on both sides of an issue,” he says. “I think it will help me gain a more complete understanding of the process of debt and bankruptcy, and also to better communicate with both clients and debt collectors.”

Kyle hopes to eventually attend law school. Though most of his experience is in the field of bankruptcy law, he also finds the field of family law interesting.

“I’m learning how a law office runs, and what the role of a paralegal is,” he says of his Moran Law internship. “It’s a good place to get my feet wet. By working with Tony, I’m getting a lot of real world experience in what I hope will be a career for me as I complete my degree.”