For the time I’ve been working here I am reminded on a daily basis on why I like working here.


With SO many bankruptcy attorneys I, as a consumer, would feel overwhelmed on who to go with.  I’d probably just Google it and find the attorney who had the coolest website or was closest to me.  Bankruptcy is a process that not many people know much about so I’m sure ANYONE who could shed some light on their situation would seem beneficial. The fact is, not every firm knows the ins and outs of bankruptcy because they deal with dozens of other legal processes as well.  I know I have, and I’m sure you have, heard stories of people, who worked with an attorney, and still had their cases dismissed.  Perhaps those firms encouraged people into the bankruptcy “machine” without ever considering if that is even a viable option OR the best solution to their client’s problem.


At Moran Law Offices, I am always proud to tell our clients that we will discuss all options with you and IF bankruptcy is the right answer, we will recommend it.  However, bankruptcy is not for everyone and we understand and respect that here.  I have seen our attorneys meet with people for their free consults and come to the conclusion that bankruptcy is not right for them at the moment.  I’m proud to be working at a business that does not suck money from every person that walks in the door.  Rather, we empathize with the public and advise people based on THEIR best interests (not ours).   I know of an attorney  (I’m not gonna name names) that has admitted to forcing everyone who walks through that door, for good or bad, into bankruptcy.  I was talking to Moran about this the other day and he said, “I mean, I still have to sleep at night.”


I know you’re ultimately gonna pick who you want, but we empathize with all our guests and are ultimately committed to helping good people through bad times.