Planning a vacation? You’ll be glad to know there are many ways to make your getaway on the cheap. Below, Moran Law shares some of our best resources for saving on travel:

Moran Law tells you how to save on vacation allows you to comparison shop for flights. Simply choose your departure location, your destination, and the dates of your vacation. You’ll be shown different flight options from different airlines, arranged from lowest to highest price.

Make sure you purchase your tickets directly through the airline- certain websites, such as Orbitz, charge a fee if you purchase your tickets through their site.

Check as little as possible

Try to travel light- if you can fit what you’ll need into your carry-on luggage, you can avoid paying fees on checked bags. If you’re travelling with a partner or friend, perhaps you can fit both of your items into one bag.

Groupon Getaways

If you don’t have a particular destination in mind, but know you’ll need a vacation, check Groupon Getaways. They offer a dizzying array of deals on travel and accommodation for a variety of different destinations, both domestic and international. From all-inclusive Caribbean resorts to luxury hotels near to you, you’ll be able to find a package that fits your budget and your desires.

If your destination is in the United States, you can also search for Groupon deals on activities, restaurants, and attractions by entering the city name into the search bar. is a service that allows you to book unique accommodations around the world. They can help you create a unique travel experience at many different price points. You can get accommodations that range from castles to a local home or apartment.  Hosts are ranked and reviewed by other users to verify their credibility, and all payments are processed through Airnbb’s Secure Payments feature. That way, neither party will have to worry any funny business. It’s a great way to get closer to a local culture and have access to the knowledge of a local.