It sounds weird to assume that anyone can save money while struggling to pay for basic necessities: rent, car, gas, etc. By the time you’re done paying these bills, you probably have nothing left.

Here are some tips to ensure that you start saving and you keep saving money:

1.) Start by opening an online savings account. There are a bunch of these online and they offer interest rates that are usually more than that of a traditional bank account. Some online accounts such as American Express Online Savings Account have no minimum balance. You’ll also think twice before trying to withdraw money. What you want to do is start with $5. Dig up some change in between couch pillows, break your piggy bank, do whatever you have to, let’s just get $5 into an online savings account.

“Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” – Lao Tzu

2.) The second month, let’s go ahead and call step one month one, we want to put in an extra $15 into your online savings account. There are many ways to earn an extra $15. You could sell your old books or gadgets. There are companies such as Media Insiders Panel that will pay you $5/month per device to put their app on your smartphone. You can install the app on 3 different devices and earn $15 in a month. it doesn’t matter how its done, lets just make sure we put $15 in this month.

3.) For month 3, we want to put 30 dollars in the savings account. There are ways to earn $30 in a month. You could take surveys online. Inbox Dollars is free to join and they give you $5 just to sign up. Be careful with these companies though. You don’t want to PAY to join, you want they to PAY YOU to join. You could also turn a hobby into a small business. Perhaps you’re awesome with hair and your friends want a good, inexpensive do, turn your hobby into cash.

4.) Congrats, you’ve saved $50 and you’re into Month 4. We want to put into your online savings account $100. Sounds like a lot, but there are ways to do this. You could have a garage sale or be a mystery shopper. But now you’re in the habit of setting money aside and you’re watching it grow.

Month 5-12: continue saving $100/month for the entire year. By the end of the year, you should have $950 saved.

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