In the world of online shopping, there are so many different retailers that are equally accessible to anyone, regardless of location. This means that by doing a little bit of digging, you can often save a great deal of money on purchases you would make anyway. Because access is not hindered by location, online retailers often offer deals and discounts to attract customers to them rather than another vendor offering the exact same item. It’s much less time-consuming and often more profitable than coupon clipping.

Save on shipping with Amazon Prime

1. Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is a service offered by the online retail giant- for a set fee per month, you receive free two-day shipping on all your purchases, from textbooks to electronics and everything in between. Take caution, however- Amazon Prime applies only to items that are sold by Different vendors use Amazon- so if, for example, you are purchasing a used textbook through a third-party seller and you have Amazon Prime, you will still have to pay shipping. You only get free shipping if you purchase the textbook directly through Take a look at your purchase history- if you are ordering most items through third-party vendors, it may be better to skip the Amazon prime membership. However, if you purchase most of your items from, a Prime membership quickly pays for itself in saved shipping costs.

RetailMeNot has coupon codes to help you save shopping online.

2. Coupon code and discount code websites

Retail Me Not is the world’s largest online coupon marketplace. They offer a variety of coupons from major retailers as well as online-only stores- and it’s much simpler than coupon clipping. You can use the search bar to search for a specific website or store, and current coupon codes for that website will appear in the search results. You might use a ‘buy one ticket get one free’ coupon for AMC Theaters to purchase tickets for you and a friend to see the latest release, or a ‘$5 off sitewide’ coupon for use on to send your bedridden boss a bouquet of cookies shaped like flowers. You can also find printable coupons for use in store. It’s a good idea to check for opportunities to save before heading to a store or making a purchase online to see if you can get a better deal.


3. Google the product name

You may think you have come across a great deal, but before you purchase anything, it’s often worth it to Google the product name to see if you can find a competitor offering the same product at a lower price.


4. Groupon

Groupon offers coupons to customers for use in a specific location that provide significant discounts on entertainment or at restaurants. For example, that new bakery set to open on your corner may offer a Groupon to entice customers to try a new business, or a local boutique may be experiencing a slower season than usual and offer a Groupon to encourage customers to come shop. If you’ve been dying to try a new fitness class, a yoga studio may offer a Groupon deal for a specific number of classes in order to compete with the yoga studio across the street. Groupon Goods and Groupon Travel also provide incredible deals on physical goods shipped to your home and accommodations and flights to exotic locales. If you’re planning a vacation or want to try a Zumba class without committing to a membership, Groupons can be an excellent way to try something new with less financial penalty if you didn’t like it, or save on things you already know you love.