We know that everybody loves a bargain- it’s most people prefer to spend the smallest amount of money possible on new items, especially if they’re purchases that aren’t fun- kitchen items, cleaning supplies, But on certain items, shelling out a little more money initially can produce savings in the long run.

A reusable water bottle

If you frequently bring a plastic water bottle along with you to sip as you go about your day, stop to think how much you spend on purchasing these plastic water bottles. Buying a reusable water bottle may cost a bit more than picking up an economy package at Costco, but in the long run, it’s better for the environment (no more littering the Earth with plastic water bottles) and for your wallet. A pack of 24 water bottles at Costco costs 8.29. Assuming you drink two per day, that package of water bottles will last you twelve days. That’s about thirty packages of water bottles per year, or 248.70. A Camelbak reusable water bottle, one of the nicer brands on the market, can be purchased for 13.50. That’s a little less than twice the price of a package of 24 water bottles, but since you’ll only have to buy it once, that yields a savings of 235.20 yearly.

Reusable kitchenware

Doing dishes is far from most people’s idea of a good time. That’s why paper and plastic plates, napkins, cups and silverware are so popular- you won’t have to clean your plate after you clean your plate. Just toss it and go about your business.

However, purchasing reusable dinnerware and taking just a bit of extra time to wash it can save you money. Purchasing a 16 piece Cafeware set from Walmart for 35.00 may seem like excessive spending, but the dinnerware you purchase from the dollar store can add up to a whole lot more. Let’s say you purchase, for example, a 20-ct. package of paper plates for a dollar. Assuming that you eat two meals a day at home, those plates will be gone in ten days. That adds up to $36.50- which isn’t significant, but doesn’t include cups or bowls. You’ll also need forks, spoons, knives, napkins, and towels. Rather than buy single-use paper or plastic versions of these items, why not buy a set you can reuse? Cloth napkins and silverware will certainly look much more attractive in your kitchen than the alternative. You can use old clothing with rips, tears or stains as rags- that way you can avoid both buying paper towels and a set of kitchen towels.

A nice winter coat

In Michigan, winter can often last a solid six months. Rather than spend money on a cheap parka that you don’t like and will throw out at the end of the season, why not invest in a winter coat you love? It will keep you warm, dry, and protected from the elements. You’ll look and feel great- and for the amount of time you’ll spend wearing it, spending a little more money on a better coat will be absolutely worth it. In a non-leap year, there are 151 days in November, December, January, February, and March. If you shell out a hundred dollars for a winter coat rather than 19.99, you’ll spend more money- but you’ll feel confident each time you wear it, and assuming you wear it every day, the cost per use is $1.51.